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Book of Burial 4 - 《葬书》 - Guo Pu 1 - 郭璞 (276–324)

Book of Burial 4 - 《葬书》 - Guo Pu 1 - 郭璞 (276–324)

Guo Pu - 郭璞 (276–324)

Guo Pu

Guo Pu "列仙酒牌"

Guo Pu (Chinese: 郭璞; traditional Chinese: 郭璞; pinyin: Guō Pú; Wade–Giles: Kuo P'u, 276–324), courtesy name Jingchun (景纯), born in Yuncheng, Shanxi, was a Chinese writer.



Guo Pu was the well educated son of a governor. He was a natural historian and a prolific writer of the Jin Dynasty. He wrote The Book of Burial, an early source of fengshui doctrine.[1] He made annotations to many pre-Qin ancient works, such as:
He was reputed to be learned in the arts of divination. Through his biography is obscured by the many legends about him, it is known that he served in Jianye, the modern Nanjing. When he made a prophecy of defeat to a rebel, he was executed by the same man.


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